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Art Breaks

If you go back to a post that I wrote on April 16th of this year, I talk about a piece I completed that has the very long title, “A Suggestion as to How Many Times to Knock Before you … Continue reading

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What to draw?

So much to draw, so little time. If you are beside yourself as to what to draw – for you know you SHOULD be drawing something!   Here are some suggestions.  A student today saw a drawing I had jotted … Continue reading

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Sand Casting on the Oregon Coast

For years, since I begun teaching at George Fox we always do an art retreat in the fall on the Oregon coast in Newport.  Being the sculpture professor that I am, we have to take advantage of being on the … Continue reading

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Millions of Bits and Pieces

I met Mary McCleary years back at a conference when I got to see a broad swath of her work at an exhibition she was having in Dallas.  I immediately became a fan. It’s also a delight to meet an … Continue reading

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