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“Both, And” at the Newport Visual Arts Center

I know, an odd name for a show, but it is actually the title of the piece on this post; and the work featured on the card for an exhibition I have of my work in Newport Oregon. Ten of … Continue reading

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Reddenda est Terra Terrae

Right after college I got a t-shirt that had that Latin saying on it.  If I recall correctly it means “what comes from the earth must go back to it.”  When I was working on the concept of this piece … Continue reading

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“Robeta’s Pearls” up and running

Well, some of you are very familiar with my aunt, Roberta Guthrie. She has asked me for some time to help her to do an advice blog/podcast (she said she’d type her replies to people’s questions, but it makes her … Continue reading

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The Truth About the Art Retreat on Agate Beach

Ever since arriving at George Fox University to teach art seven years ago the art department every fall has had a wonderful retreat of sixty of us on the Oregon Coast at a place called “Sea Krest.”  Agate Beach just … Continue reading

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Here is the finished piece “Plea” that uses the painting that was featured in the March 10th post.  These works developed quite organically for me.  The small ceramic figure I had made about a year ago and intended to use … Continue reading

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Casting glass into fiber paper

In the last post, “Hold Steady” is a work that used cast glass in the bottom of the piece.  I took photos when I was doing the glass for that piece and thought I’d share the step by step process … Continue reading

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Hold Steady

Here is one of the completed new pieces. Some elements of this should look very familiar (the painting was posted a couple months back). My friend Melanie Hulbert hit the nail on the head when she said to me at … Continue reading

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Much to Contemplate at “Assembled..”

Well the openings for “Assembled Narratives in Wood and Metal” at the A.N. Bush Gallery at the Bush Barn in Salem went very well.  Thought I’d share a bit of the event with you here. Five of the pieces that … Continue reading

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A Cry For Friendship.

There was a very nice article as of late in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Faux Friendships” By William Deresiewicz (thank you Rick for sending this on to me).  It’s well worth the read. Its nice to see … Continue reading

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Tell the story of your own village.

For many years I have been a fan of the artist Christian Boltansky.  Recently I have been reading an interview with him.  Here are some quotes I liked: “The big problem in art is being able to tell the story … Continue reading

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