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(photo taken by John Bennett)

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  1. ‘A Bigger World Yet’ was so insightful – opened my heart so big – I know it will be a catalyst to help us go deeper still here at Christ Community Church. Blessings!

  2. andrea says:

    Hey Tim- I was just hired as a 3-D art teacher. I’ve only ever taught drawing and painting. I was wondering if you have a lesson you follow for teaching assemblage. I’d love to try it but having trouble figuring out how to frame “art problem.” I’d so appreciate it! Andrea

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      With assemblage I find it pretty easy, you could frame it as a box they are creating and filling it with some kind of narrative or objects from a story in their life or childhood. Many of the figures my class creates we’ll center around a theme like a saint, or legendary characters or figures. You can also do projects specifically about the materials and how they inform the work, like going to river and cleaning garbage out of it, and then having the students create work out of what they collect commenting on the clean up, pollution etc…

      I find the big thing with assemblage is to talk about methods of attachment, glue, rivet, nail, dowel, etc…. and what works best for what, and how the materials end up informing the work. The key is that you are using objects with a history, use them for a reason.

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