Who is Tim Timmerman?

Some things in art galleries are pretty funny.

Look I match the art….  (photo courtesy Jeff Cameron)

I was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1966.  My father was from Brooklyn New York and my mother was from a small farm in Kansas.  They met at school in Texas and choose to move to the Southwest for its job opportunities for my dad, and for the climate for my mom who was a victim of the polio virus and would have difficulties maneuvering in an area where it snowed with her back and leg brace.

My childhood was spent in shorts, selling junk I made in front of our house, drawing spaceships, creating clubs I would coerce my friends to join, and melting crayons on the sidewalk.  We also had a German shepherd named Gretel who would get car sick, but was the best dog in the world.  When I was about six my favorite activity (to my parents dismay) was letting her drag me across the lawn by my shoes.  From the get go, I was always drawing characters (perhaps you saw some of my work in Highlights), and creating sculptures, recycling things my parents attempted to throw away.  My mother was especially encouraging and faithful in the grocery store to buy me drawing pads and various art materials in the school supply aisle of Lucky’s Supermarket.  I also remember fondly taking summer classes at the Phoenix Art Museum and sitting in front of Baroque portraits and doing versions of them in oil pastel.

Always much to investigate and point out in this life.

High school was spent avoiding getting beaten up, avoiding home, and enjoying the benefits of pretending to be other people.  I went to college at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth for a year, and then finished my degree in studio art at Biola University in the Los Angeles area.  Out of college I worked as a grade school art teacher in Carson, California and was also the assistant curator for the Los Angeles’ city art collection, as well as was the assistant curator for three other galleries that the city ran.  Soon after I got into grad school to get my MFA at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.  Here I felt my grandparents farming blood blossom.  I relished in the rolling lentil and wheat fields and small town environment of eastern Washington.  After grad school I worked in Seattle, heading up art programs for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in the city of Redmond, and also speaking to irate shoppers as a customer service phone agent for the Eddie Bauer clothing company.  In 1993 I was hired by Grand Canyon University in Phoenix as their art department chair, gallery curator, and art professor.  I was there for nine years.  In July of 2003, I moved back to the Northwest to take a position within the art faculty at George Fox University in Newberg Oregon and have been here ever since. I live in community in a house over 100 years old and walk to work.

I have had over twenty solo exhibitions from Washington D.C. to Southern California, have participated in over seventy invitational, juried, and group exhibitions, facilitated and led over forty men’s experiential retreats since 1997, taught numerous college art courses for over 20 years, and done a smattering of speaking engagements and stand up comedy routines.

Art, writing, teaching, and speaking for me are opportunities to be authentic,  truthful, and to share the hope and blessings of life in all its beauty, mess and irony.

My art website is:  http://www.timtimmerman.com

Feel free to dialogue further with me at:  abiggerworldyet@gmail.com

15 Responses to Who is Tim Timmerman?

  1. Jim Evans says:


    How are you doing brother? I love the art blog! I have learned a lot about you from reading your history (it certainly explains a lot…lol). I look forward to the next time we get to staff together.


  2. Esmeralda DeLaney says:

    Hi Tim,

    Nice statement and photo of you.

  3. Pat Poirier says:

    Hey Tim,

    Great new site, I like your bio and I can see your life protrayed in your work.

    take care


  4. Jere (your movie wife) says:

    Didn’t know you had birds. And now a dog? At least that is what I hear.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I love it!

  5. karen deal says:

    Hi Tim! I was an art dept worker for you at good old GCU back in 1995! I used to help you and Arlene grade, set up the exhibits, etc. You were a great work study boss. Just randomly thought I’d look up your name. Glad to see you are doing well 🙂

  6. Skerrib says:

    Hello Tim! I like your art blog. –Kerri B.

  7. Scott says:

    Hey Tim
    We met about Six years back when you were visiting friends in the Philly area.
    Ive realy enjoyed youre blog of late since I discovered it a few weeks back. Having once been an artistic kid who was also drawing space ships, I admire those that have remained prolithic into there adult lives as you obviously have. Ive passed on articals you have posted to friends as modes for discussion.
    I wonder if you have ever posted more about the community you live in, how it came together, etcetera…If you have could you direct me to those posts Ide realy like to hear of it if you have shared about it.

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      Hey Scott, thanks for your note and good to hear from you. I think my community I live in is much like any family that is working to be healthy and honest. It’s work. We have a men’s group that meets every other week now going on over five years, and whether married with children or celibate I think many of us are doing our best to walk along side one another in the nitty-gritty of it all and be a body of Christ. As things come up I’m sure I’ll post about it.- Blessings to you.

      • Scott says:

        Sounds real good. A rare thing and a tough thing to establish. Love to hear more as you post about it. Thaks for your reply.

  8. Tim–I met you briefly while you were in Pullman and saw your work there. You had lots of mixed media pieces that were based on scriptures. I haven’t forgotten them. And, their memory prompted me to google you. Are you still doing work like that? Just wanted you to know that those pieces were unforgettable to me. Lisa

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      Thanks for the note Lisa! You know I do still do work very much influenced and inspired by scripture. Some of the current watercolor/gouache/ink pieces that are on this blog and my website (timtimmerman.com), are very much influenced by the Psalms, a place I have very much found a refuge. Take care!

  9. John H. Cochran says:

    Tim: You have joined the Academician Ranks! I’m impressed by your journey. You make an old man joyful.
    Director of The Foreigner

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      John! Wonderful to see you on this crazy thing. Hope you are well and happy. My experience with you has to be one of my favorite theatrical experiences I have ever had. Please keep in touch (and can I say I have a hard time thinking of you as old)!

  10. susanharlan says:

    Your art and life web together so intricately. You are very complex and simply marvelous in your narrative world ; explained through your beautiful art. I admire and respect you very much.

    My kind regards

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