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The Quiet Service and Wonder of Tim Lowly

I had the privilege of being introduced to Tim Lowly’s work when I was ripe out of undergraduate.  CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) ( had their bi-annual conference at Biola in Los Angeles where I just was released from, … Continue reading

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“New and Improved!” (and an excuse to post a cute picture)

Yes, after three years there has been a change.  I’ve revamped my website and it’s now in a format that I’ll be making updates and adding new art to it regularly.  Some new things I threw in there are views … Continue reading

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Still Life with Lion…

So I liked the little sketch I just posted so much I did a digital version of this little lion hiding.  I didn’t have the original with me when I created the electronic image.   I find it interesting to … Continue reading

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The Knoxville-Rothenburg Sketchbook #10: Scarcity vs Abundance

So some dear friends invited me to a self-help weekend.  It was very lecture heavy, uncomfortably in a hotel conference, and was, well, I would say “tricky,” but there was some good principles that they reminded me of.  The man … Continue reading

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The Knoxville-Rothenburg Sketchbook #9: Figures in Austria

A number of these images were drawn in Austria.  I found it curious that some images of Saints played with scale.  Thus a saint could be holding a whole church in his hand, or I played with the idea that … Continue reading

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