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Where I’m From

With the turning of the leaves in this past Fall a dear friend and woman I respect greatly Kristyn Komarnicki gave me an assignment.  Well, she gave a number of us an assignment.  It was for those of us who … Continue reading

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Not Being Funny and the History of Roberta Guthrie

So it was a bitter Winter and Spring of loss this year.  In a little over six months I was debilitated by the death (in order) of my sister (December 22), dog Bonny (January 23), dear friend John (May 23), … Continue reading

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The Cardinal Feature of Dreams & Creativity

So I had a dream last night, similar to so many others I’ve had over the past 20 years.  A familiar pair of folks again bubbling to the surface of my subconscious, familiar reminders of loss and longing.  These family … Continue reading

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Whatever is True…Telling the End of the Story in Song

Now that I’m in my mid-life I find as I listen to an album of an artist I followed vehemently in the 90’s or 00’s I think, “What are they doing now?” Just as my creative practice is still going … Continue reading

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Language and Losing God

While traveling in May I had a book situated in my bedside stand for some time that I finally got around to.  Don’t Sleep, There Are Snakes by Daniel L. Everett is one part sociology text, one part linguistics text, … Continue reading

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Acquiescence & Mystery; Jonah

It is quite an endeavor to spend a whole semester on one work of art, but in the Fall of 2014, any moment I had for studio time was poured into Acquiescence and Mystery; Jonah. Continuing on the body of … Continue reading

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Quiet Paris, Quiet London

I’ll confess that I’d be happy to avoid big cities when traveling.  Smaller towns to me so often feel more humane, easily manageable and connected to the people of the community.  With that said listening to a Rick Steve’s Program … Continue reading

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