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Acquiescence & Mystery; Jonah

It is quite an endeavor to spend a whole semester on one work of art, but in the Fall of 2014, any moment I had for studio time was poured into Acquiescence and Mystery; Jonah. Continuing on the body of … Continue reading

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Quiet Paris, Quiet London

I’ll confess that I’d be happy to avoid big cities when traveling.  Smaller towns to me so often feel more humane, easily manageable and connected to the people of the community.  With that said listening to a Rick Steve’s Program … Continue reading

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Puppy Butt Leaves the Portland Airport

Nothing like having 14 cases of artwork up in Terminal A at the Portland Airport for six months to get some eyes on the work. I pick up all the art Monday. It has been a blessing to receive so … Continue reading

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Engaging Liturgists

Through the suggestion of a friend, I ran onto a very engaging podcast as of late on the LGBTQ issue that I’d highly recommend you take the time to listen to. “The Liturgists” are a collection of emergent church minds … Continue reading

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Tender Matters

It has been said that one should contribute to a conversation only if you can add something new or different to the dialogue. I have spent the past four years listening and querying others about their journey of faith and … Continue reading

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