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Samuel May in Pate de Verre

Samuel Joseph May was a Unitarian abolitionist minister in the 1800’s.  Over the years I’ve been collecting stories of friendship throughout history and was very moved by May’s friendship with the revolutionary abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison; a friendship marked with … Continue reading

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Being a Working Artist

I had the privilege over the past month to spend time in the studios of artists Nancy Scarry, Dan Callis and Jeff Falk.  These artists aren’t selling their work for tens of thousands of dollars -yet, but all of them … Continue reading

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The other end of an art exchange

On August 20th  there is a post about my dear mentor and friend Dan Callis coming to Newberg and working with me for a week or so while I taught him how to work in kiln-worked glass.  This was a … Continue reading

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Quality and Quantity Time with Dan Callis

Little did I know twenty two years ago when I saw a series of small painterly works by Dan Callis, then a graduate student at Claremont, that this painter of sheep and the disabled would become my teacher at Biola, … Continue reading

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