Sand Casting on the Oregon Coast

Relaxing on a log, a set of sand cast faces I made this fall on the Oregon coast.

Tools of the trade a box of goodies waiting to be used and a set of casts setting up.

For years, since I begun teaching at George Fox we always do an art retreat in the fall on the Oregon coast in Newport.  Being the sculpture professor that I am, we have to take advantage of being on the coast, and do a little art project out there.  What better sculpture project to do in the sand but sand casting?!

The students and I always have a great time, and sometimes actually create something that looks semi-decent.  Every year I make about two to three “faces.”  This past year I brought in a variety of small trinkets and assemblage material and  went to town and created over ten.  There were a couple of pieces that didn’t survive due to a sneaker wave that wiped out a whole community of our pieces that we were working on, but all in all we had a very productive day.

We’ll see if something comes of these critters.  You may have seen versions of them showing up in some of the 2-D work I was doing last fall, what happens to these guys we’ll see….

Go make something.

"Bottle Nose" waiting in his little hole for the plaster so he can be cast.

"Bottle Nose" complete and out of the sand drying. Kind of fun teeth huh?

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