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I am, O Anxious One.

I have always been a fan of Rainer Maria Rilke, and have regularly assigned his book, Letters to a Young Poet, in my mixed media class to help the students think outside of box. Here is a poem from his … Continue reading

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The Advantages of NOT Having a Digital Camera

When traveling to Europe with students some time I am simply amazed at how they will voraciously snap pictures in art museums.  Yes, it is wonderful that they can take pictures in the gallery and have images to remember their … Continue reading

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The Coming Storms

Launching as of late into several 12″x12″ paintings I’m creating of tumultuous weather.  These works will be parts of larger works that include sculpted and assemblage elements.  This time around with the work I’ve chosen to create the figurative or … Continue reading

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In Hopes There Will be Fruit

Well, I’m past the half way through my sabbatical and posting this piece I completed in the late summer seemed appropriate at this time. Ah- much of life for me seems to involve hoping that something good will be manifested … Continue reading

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Hopi Kachinas and Philip Curtis

This winter while back in Phoenix, the city I was born and raised in, I was struck that their are two clear influences that I can come up with that I know inspired me visually as a child and subsequently … Continue reading

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Being a Working Artist

I had the privilege over the past month to spend time in the studios of artists Nancy Scarry, Dan Callis and Jeff Falk.  These artists aren’t selling their work for tens of thousands of dollars -yet, but all of them … Continue reading

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Ruminate Magazine & My Art.

Well, I was delighted as of late to get two pieces of mine published  in color in a very thoughtful quarterly journal of faith that reflects upon literature and art: Ruminate Magazine.  I’m in there winter 2009-2010 issue (number 14).  … Continue reading

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