Art Breaks

"A Suggestion as to How Many Times to Knock Before you May Possibly Get an Answer," Tim Timmerman, oil on panel/mixed media, 26"x17"x4", 4/10 (the original version)

If you go back to a post that I wrote on April 16th of this year, I talk about a piece I completed that has the very long title, “A Suggestion as to How Many Times to Knock Before you May Possibly Get an Answer,” based on a parable in Luke 11, verses 5-10.

This piece was selected to travel with an exhibition entitled “Picturing the Parables” with CIVA (Christians in the Visual Arts) for about three years.  I knew I took a chance when I used a slip cast monk for the figure at the top of this piece.  Sure enough, I got word that despite bubble wrap packing the figure broke to pieces on the second shipping of the artwork.  A side comment here that the most common time for a work to get broken is not when it is on the wall but when it is being transported.

So, with the rest of the work off at another part of the country, I constructed this time out of wood a new figure.  This one a “king Jesus” of sorts that is facing the viewer but sleeping.  I sent this off to be attached to the piece and will show you a revised image of the work when I get it.  I think he’ll fare better than the last figure, and in the end, had to admit that I felt the new figure was a better solution.

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.  There is a gift even in broken things!

The top ceramic figure shattered after shipping

The new revised wooden figure that will be on the top of the piece.

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1 Response to Art Breaks

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    I do believe Jesus likes broken things… broken hearts … broken souls ….. We can then give Him the glory for fixing them. That said let’s hope “A Suggestion” makes it home safely (after being fixed) from all its traveling!

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