Millions of Bits and Pieces

Mary McCleary, "What is Hidden Everywhere" mixed media collage on paper

Mary McCleary, "A Hundred Familiar Objects Which No Longer Exist" mixed media collage on paper

I met Mary McCleary years back at a conference when I got to see a broad swath of her work at an exhibition she was having in Dallas.  I immediately became a fan. It’s also a delight to meet an artist who is as kind and as approachable as her work as McCleary was.

Speaking about her today in one of my classes I thought I’d share her work with you here if you haven’t seen it.  She is a meticulous narrative painter at heart with a wonderful sense of depth, insight, and irony in her work.  Technically the pieces are just a wonder to behold, as she constructs them out of thousands of little objects: painted chips, twigs, rope and trinkets.  Check out her site that is overflowing with images of artistic integrity, tradition, and innovation at:

(Click on the photos in this post to see them larger.)

Mary McCleary, "Praising the Beauty of What is Transient" mixed media collage on paper

Mary McCleary, "Allegory of the Senses" mixed media collage on paper

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2 Responses to Millions of Bits and Pieces

  1. Kathy F says:

    “…irony of using materials that are often trivial, foolish, and temporal to express ideas of what is significant, timeless and transcendent.” Very interesting pieces.

  2. lomagirl says:

    She’s been named Texas Artist of 2011 by the Houston Art League. Don’t know if you can open this FB link-!/album.php?aid=324793&id=60833742213&fbid=10150127370702214
    turns out she’s a FB friend of another Texas artist- Kimberly Alexander, who is a friend of mine.

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