What to draw?

A sketch I did a bit ago. Don't ask what it means simply explore it and see what the work tells you. If I could of explained it in words I would of written it all down; that's why we draw you know.

So much to draw, so little time.

If you are beside yourself as to what to draw – for you know you SHOULD be drawing something!   Here are some suggestions.  A student today saw a drawing I had jotted out on a to-do list and asked, “What’s that for?”  I replied, “I did it because I had to.”

A sketch I affectionately called "Pray Hard"


•  your better angels.

•  hope as best as you know it.

•  the home where your heart is.

•  flowers, like you mean it (and without being sarcastic).

•  something that would make your mother proud.

•  the conversation you wanted to have but didn’t.

•  a fairy tale character that you can relate to.

•  your favorite cereal (the box doesn’t count).

•  things better left unsaid.

•  time, and time again.

•  a lammergeyer or hoopoe.

•  light coming through a window.

•  peace in a place of dissent.

•  everything within a five foot proximity to you.

•  your grandfather’s ideal.

Often I'll sketch with whatever color pen I can get a hold of.

•  what’s biting at your heels.

•  that sinking feeling.

•  laughter.

•  singing.

•  what you remember best.

•  Fisher Price toys.

•  kindness.

•  an optimistic remark.

•  the remains of the day.

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2 Responses to What to draw?

  1. Kate G says:

    Thanks Tim. We haveone child that is “not like the others” and this exercise shows me how her brain works. What a delightful challenge for her as we work at homeschooling.

  2. Scott says:

    I really like “pray hard”.
    Who was Fr. Thomas Hopko in your third scetch?

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