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Samuel May in Pate de Verre

Samuel Joseph May was a Unitarian abolitionist minister in the 1800’s.  Over the years I’ve been collecting stories of friendship throughout history and was very moved by May’s friendship with the revolutionary abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison; a friendship marked with … Continue reading

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Work of Art?”

The Bravo channel has decided to put out there a television show of competing artists in the spirit of many so called “reality” TV shows.  “Let’s have selected artists compete and the winner gets $100,000 and a solo show at … Continue reading

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Manhattan vs. Manhattan

So over the past months I’ve had the opportunity to be in two different “Manhattans” in our fair country.  I found myself asking several questions like, “What is a sense of place to an artist?” and “What is the artists … Continue reading

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? – Well, I liked it…

At the exhibition “Both, And” that I had in the month of June at the Newport Visual Art Center there was a small visitor registry.  You could write the date, your name, the city you were from and a comment.  … Continue reading

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This Time It’s Personal

I look at things as analogies: landscapes, objects, and stories I read as symbols of the human experience and who we are as people.  I was recently struck at the landscape found on my families farm in Kansas and what … Continue reading

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Kienholz’s Wear and Tear

While in New York I was pleasantly surprised to run into an artist, Ed Kienholz that had a profound affect on me in undergraduate, and even more so in graduate school at Washington State University.  I had an instructor Bob … Continue reading

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Drawing as Prayer

I often find in my little black book I carry around it is easier to draw a prayer than write one.  Here is one such example.

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New York Observed

On my recent trip to New York I took time in a diner off of Madison avenue on the upper west side to jot down some observations I had made while roaming around the city’s streets.  Here they are for … Continue reading

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Bad Things Happen to Good Art

Well, just picked up my art that was out at the Newport Visual Arts Center for the month of June. On the day in late May that I went to deliver the work the rain was coming sideways off the … Continue reading

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