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Why I left “Love Does” in the foosball table at Bedford Christian Camp

So listening to Steve Brown’s radio program a bit back:, I heard an interview with Bob Goff.  Bob’s a good man with a big heart and a nice story teller to boot.  He’s even spoken at our chapel at … Continue reading

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One of the artistic adventures I have been on as of late is to create a sculpture and then make a painting of it.  These sculptures are all based on people I know or have met in the men’s work … Continue reading

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Some Darn Good Artists

Well, I thought it would be good to list for you some of the wonderful folks that I got to know a bit while at the Salem art fair.  Here are some of my people: Ryan Beard, metal sculptor: reading

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Encourntering Evil

So I have been thinking about doing this post for months but have resisted.  Last Christmas I picked up a copy of M. Scott Peck’s People of the Lie, and devoured it.  Since a developing incident last October, I’ve had … Continue reading

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To The Dogs

So dogs have been a long-standing image I’ve relied on.  Historically they are an image of loyalty and fidelity dating way back to medieval times.   I think we need more images of loyalty and fidelity in our day and … Continue reading

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