Some Darn Good Artists

Here I am at my booth in Salem. I’ll confess that I bought work from a number of my fellow artists.  Regarding the beard, well, I’ve been telling folks I like the 19th century,and have heard it called a “bull dog,” and “beefeater.”  It actually started as a joke in April and I kept it for the summer. (picture courtesy Ben Holtrop)

Well, I thought it would be good to list for you some of the wonderful folks that I got to know a bit while at the Salem art fair.  Here are some of my people:

Ryan Beard, metal sculptor:

Here’s a piece by Ryan Beard’s  called “One Good Turn.” I actually ended up getting a piece of this work, and he bought a piece of mine. I like his use of reclaimed metal and he has a really good sense of form.

Danae Bennett-Miller, sculptor and printmaker:

Danae has a wonderful sense of whimsy and use of negative space in her forms. Be sure to check out her monoprints on her website, they’re beautiful.

Ian Beyer, metal sculptor:

Humor and a very inventive use of materials (including silverware) is just one of Ian’s forte’s.  I liked that his family, like Ryan’s were helping him out in his booth.  They’re in this art making thing together- the way it should be.

Nancy Becker, glass sculptor:

I’ll take ownership that I’m bias for Nancy’s work because she was my next door neighbor at the fair and was a pleasure to talk with. Well, and she creates really beautiful work!  (She creates these great little birds too, and one is now gracing my back yard.)

Steve and Bonnie Harmston, printmakers:

The Harmston’s create beautiful multi-layered silk screen prints. I’ll confess that I find “real” printmaking VERY refreshing in our day-and-age.  This was not made on a computer…. ahhh……

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