“Burden” oil on wood, 16″x20″ 7/12, Tim Timmerman

One of the artistic adventures I have been on as of late is to create a sculpture and then make a painting of it.  These sculptures are all based on people I know or have met in the men’s work circles I run in.  They all start with sketches in my notebook, then I search out materials that will work with to create the figure.  The concept of this figure has been cooking for a while.  I was motivated by the impression of an individual who is encumbered by something of which they actually hold the strings to.

The back side of the sculpture. Some folks have monkeys on their back, others have tigers.

The sculpture in full.  Approx 7″x9″x5″

A close up of the sculpture of the figure. His ears are made out of the metal part that a cub scout would hold his scarf on with, which I split in half.

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1 Response to Burden

  1. Brian Fisher says:

    I like your sculpture and interpretation of it in painting Tim!

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