To The Dogs

6″x6″ this painting was based on a toy dog I was looking at as well as some sketches I had of wooden figures.

So dogs have been a long-standing image I’ve relied on.  Historically they are an image of loyalty and fidelity dating way back to medieval times.   I think we need more images of loyalty and fidelity in our day and age, so here’s to more images of dogs art!  Several of the 6″x6″ paintings I cranked out lately were canine-themed.  So, here they be.

6″x6″ I liked having the under-painting show through in this one. “Heidi” is what I titled this, named after a German Shepherd we had when I was very little.

This 6″x6″ painting was based on a plaster statue I have like the one above. She’s named “Ginger” after a neighbor’s German Shepherd that was the sister of our dog.  Lots of German Shepherds huh?

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