Bellevue Festival of the Arts, here we go!

'in the Quiet" one of the new watercolor with an oil varnish/ assemblage works in the show

I leap into a new endeavor late tomorrow night as I set up an entire booth of my art of the Bellevue Festival of the Arts this weekend.  I am booth number 173, and will be there all day Friday through Sunday.   Please stop by if you are in the Seattle Area and say hello!

Here is the link to their site:  it is in conjunction with another wonderful art festival happening simultaneously Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair:  I believe there is going to be A LOT of art to check out.

I’ve finished ten of the “small songs” and have twenty other works I’m taking with me to boot.  Should be a good time.

"France and a Rabbit" (inspired in part from a canal trip and a very large rabbit I saw in Burgundy)

"The Roman Arch; Reims, France" was drawn on the spot this May- no, I didn't see a three legged horse too... it just worked

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3 Responses to Bellevue Festival of the Arts, here we go!

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    Small song collection looks wonderful! I find 3 legged horses work well when combined with french stuff. I’m especially fond of “In the Quiet”. Have a great time in the “upper” northwest….and here’s to selling lots of art! Cheers!

  2. Elizabeth Larson says:

    I like you very much too!

  3. Elizabeth Larson says:

    Whoops, I meant to post that on the other page…the one with the 5 year old.

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