(Pause) and the “small songs”

small songs in process....

This image was taken from the street the students and I stayed in York, England. In fact you can see two of them in the image.

“Pause,” is a good thing.  Relationships, and all the events of summer have been priority as of late, so the land of digital posting has been on the back-burner.  I did want to get a note to you here, so I can let you know what has been up.

I am for the first time participating in an art-festival this summer.  What a project it has been getting set up for one of these!  Specifically I am in the Bellevue Festival of the Arts in Washington State, July 29, 30 and 31st.  http://www.bellevuefest.org/  Drop by and say hello!  I am booth #173, and will be there I believe from 10-8 Friday and Saturday, and 10-5 Sunday!

While in England and France in May this year,  I brought with me 6″x6″ watercolor panels.  I did as many as I could on site, and have been working on finishing them back here in the studio.  I’m now in the process of building assemblages around them, and adding an oil varnish over the finished painting.  Calling these “small songs” my objective with them is to simply relish the idea of a specific place and moment.  Being smaller in size they will also be a very “easy” price.

I’ll show you more of them as I get them done (click on these images if you want to see them any bigger).  I’ve got to get back to the studio!  Blessings-

a "small song" in process that I painted on the spot in London

this one was based on a sketch I made of a canal in Stratford-Upon-Avon

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