A Successful Show

Set up for the booth for Friday- I ended up changing the configuration around for the last two days.

The Bellevue Festival of the Arts was a blast to participate in.

Some of the work as displayed (click for a bigger image)

Highlights were:

•  Getting the art seen by a wider audience.

•  Great conversations with folks about the work.

•  Meeting a swath of wonderful artists who do the hard work of trying to make a living doing art (and having great conversations with them about making art).

•  Seeing alumni, and teachers from Fox coming and cheering me on, as well as running into a fellow artist in Seattle who bought a piece of mine over 12 years ago at Seattle Pacific University (among other wonderful visitors).

the back "nook" area of the booth (click for bigger view).

•  Actually selling artwork! (What a concept!)

•  Figuring out how to “take Visa.”

•  Having a family of three help me till 2 in the morning install my tent and art.

•  Having a 5 year old after seeing my work and talking with me yell, “I like you very much!” as he walked away with his family.

The view of the booth on Saturday and Sunday as you walked by. Another view.

The "street" view.

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1 Response to A Successful Show

  1. lomagirl says:

    Congratulations on a successful show. They have one of these twice a year in the park near my house, and we try to wander over. I enjoy talking to the artists. It would be fun to wander over and find you one year.

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