Thank you rebel design…

It was Rachel Belgard's idea to have me do a shadow box for the cover of the book, and so, if you've followed the blog here, you've seen all three I created for possible use. This was the first version Rachel came up for the cover. How the marbles tie-in from front to back cover was a lot of fun, but I felt like the image read too much as a single image of an old legend or myth. It also looked too little boy-ish for me. It was a possibility, but I liked the final she came up with using the shadow box that was a deeper color that used the lion, doctor, church, and soldiers. It seemed to have a richer quality to it.

Two designers worked on the book.  The one who designed the cover:  Rachel Belgard, was a student of mine and is a phenomenal talent.  See her wonderful work on her blog at:

May I say a kind shout out to her as well for her post on March 4th 2011.  Monday of this week I went hiking in Silver Falls for the day, only to get my bag soaked with waterfalls and rain.  Getting home my phone which was in the outside pocket was very wet, the screen flashed for a bit, and then went out.  Thanks to Rachel’s post, I quickly took it apart, and immersed it in a tupperware container of rice.  Tuesday morning and since, my phone has been working fine.

Rice is a very good thing.

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