and yet another John Bennett portrait…

Yet another John Bennett protrait taken while snagging dinner.

Had to put up yet another photo John Bennett took of me.  I put this on Facebook only to receive comments that I looked liked a 1950’s Sunday school illustration of Jesus.  Well, I do know Jesus, but this photo was taken at our local Thai restaurant and that light just happened to be shining on the orange wall behind me.  It was not emanating from me, I swear.

There will be student pieces from John’s intermediate class I will put up here mid April once they turn them in.  I have had a four of John’s students photograph me so far.  He has given them rules, one of which is I can’t look at the photos once they’ve taken them.  So far things have been pretty interesting. With one, all I’ll say is that I had to take a shower afterward.

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1 Response to and yet another John Bennett portrait…

  1. K Farmer says:

    Hi Tim,
    Just finished reading your book….very enlightening, well researched and thoughtful. And now for your next book…a children’s book perhaps? Detailing friendships? Just a thought…
    Congratulations again on a wonderful book!

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