Look! I’m a book cover.

The cover of Clella Jaffe's public speaking text that uses part of my ink/watercolor image "A Fruitful Home"

Clella Jaffe is a delightful fellow faculty member at George Fox who teaches communications and speech classes.  Several years back, she asked me if she could possibly use some of my work for a revised version of a book she wrote that is used in classes on public speaking entitled, Public Speaking:  Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society.  This last spring the finishing touches were done and the book went to press.

It has come to my attention that the book has begun to be used in classes this fall.  I recently was getting a coffee beverage at a local bookstore only to have the barista exclaim, “Oh you’re Tim Timmerman- you did the art in my text book!  You know it sure helps to make that class interesting.”

The publisher and Clella ended up using not only a piece of mine for the front cover but ten additional ink/watercolor images are scattered throughout the book as a part of every title page in each chapter.  You never know what journey your art may take.

You can check the book out on Amazon at:  http://www.amazon.com/Public-Speaking-Concepts-Diverse-Society/dp/0495566640,  unfortunatly when you click to see the larger image of the cover  it’s still the earlier edition’s cover.  Kind of a bummer- I know. I guess you’ll have to take a public speaking class so you can get the real thing.

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