Ancestor, Memory, and a happy accident.

"Ancestor" Tim Timmeman, montype/gouache, 10"x23 1/2"

I realized as of late that I neglected to share with you two of the monotype/gouache/collage pieces I did in September when working with the Atelier Meridian.  These two works were actually the first images that I pulled in the studio.

Art develops in often curious matters and these works had a happy accident happen with them.

My concept for them was to draw inspiration from some images I took of the sun setting over eastern Oregon, and then add faces based on sculptures that I had been doing as sand casts (a project I’ve been doing with our students on our art retreat on the Oregon coast for years).

I drew with a sharpie on mylar the heads and then cut them out, and inked them up separately before I placed them on the plexiglass plate to print.  The accident was I inked up the side of the mylar with the sharpie, and it transferred as well onto the final print.  Oddly enough, I really liked the lyrical and open quality of the line work.

Unfortunately sharpie would eventually fade, so I went back into the prints and with gouache painted the lines in.  Now they’ll be there for a very long time.

Art is this funny dialogue indeed.  As much as an artist may have a direction for a work, you never quite know what may happen.

"Memory" Tim Timmerman, Monotype, Collage, Gouache; 10"x23 1/2"

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