Anatomy of an Assemblage

Sentinel #1 in "The Whole Night Sky"

The piece “The Whole Night Sky” is close to completion.  I spent this morning finishing up the two assemblage sentinels that stand gaurd on either side of the painting.  I found it quite humours when I began to write down what items make up these two fellows- and thought you may find it of interest as well.

Here is all that went into them:

• a tin creamer
• wooden spools
• wood collected from fort Stevens state park on the north Oregon coast
• a wooden napkin holder with two Dutch children on them
• a bottle cap
• a sensor from a vintage Red Comet fire extinguisher
• a wooden bar-b-que pepper shaker
• a wooden toilet paper holder
• a croquet marker
• the handle of an old push mower
• three Scotty puppy baby teeth
• wooden children’s blocks
• wooden railing
• a piece of costume jewelry
• a button
• a wooden nickel
• a large aluminum washer
• a turned wood vessel
• a pepper grinder
• a trivet made in Indonesia
• a stacking toy
• fishing lure spinners

Sentinel #2 in "The Whole Night Sky"

• a metal wing from a rooster wall hanging
• part of an icon holder typically found in a jeepney truck from the Philippines
• a decorative metal rose
• a piece of redwood that I picked up at Redwood National Forest in Northern California
• part of a “Remember the Maine” wooden relief bought in Pullman Washington
• kiln worked glass from a glass foundry in Arizona

They will both be mounted on what use to be a cutting board.

You never know what is going to be used in a work of art!

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2 Responses to Anatomy of an Assemblage

  1. carissa bakker says:

    you used your puppy’s baby teeth!!! haha…Tim

  2. abiggerworldyet says:

    You know don’t let anything go to waste- The little guy needed teeth and Bonny wasn’t using them any more!

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