Puppy Butt Leaves the Portland Airport

PDX airport show in action.

PDX airport show (Greta Blalock the director of the Portland Art Program with some of my students).

a1dlN3D5yEeC2-q3nOme0Gl3e674LIRP3jZge3ARCckNDouL5KFC4WAed9mx3Gtdrn1SozSWtfOEVF-KtiGGlDogfEpQ-HkgrpJCLqNhMrNDh1wRY6GFbzNVFPMGJ0vf79brf2jLLrY3dXq_1Yt5RqAigqxqw5346Rb00dAIDx5BLpUjlSUh9l9uRX-A4F7knNPayeRxcj3oO2vYYjEpgTrQlx7Nothing like having 14 cases of artwork up in Terminal A at the Portland Airport for six months to get some eyes on the work. I pick up all the art Monday. It has been a blessing to receive so many kind comments about all the art (almost making one woman miss her plane), and assuring to know as an artist that the work is out there doing the job it was made to do.

Thanks for the many kind comments from colleagues old acquaintances and friends alike who have been a bit surprised to run onto some familiar characters while trying to catch a flight (and yes Becky Ankeny I did get your note).

I can now say I have been tweeted by an actor in a soap opera, and had work become part of an inside joke. I had a very fine fellow Patrick send me a note that he and his girlfriend were debating if a packing peanut was supposed to be part of one of my shadow boxes (damn packing peanut –although it did give me an idea for a piece), and Patrick also wrote:

Mr. Murphy front side.

Mr. Murphy front side.

The one with the puppy backside has created a new inside joke between us – “puppy butt.” For example, after a long plane ride you rise from the airplane seat stiffly, and the other asks… “Oh, do you have puppy butt?”

Mr Murphy the piece he’s referring to (named after my fourth grade teacher), has a dog puzzle piece attached to his back side simply because I thought he needed a loyal companion with him. Lookie there, art on its own begins telling its own story…

Thanks to Greta Blalock the director of the PDX art program and the Portland Airport for a great experience!

Thoughtful artist with art.

Thoughtful artist with art.

A new piece

A new piece “Town Crier” can be seen in this case along with “Traveler” that was one of the most inquired about pieces in the show.

Art in action.  Janitorial staff and all....

Art in action. Janitorial staff and all….


Mr. Murphy’s “puppy butt” revealed…

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2 Responses to Puppy Butt Leaves the Portland Airport

  1. Catie says:

    Love this Tim! Too bad I never made it to Portland by plane or car.

  2. Gretacooks says:

    I will not eat my art supplies in class.

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