A Matter of Scale

A lovely image of Bergenz Austria on Lake Constance

A lovely image of Bergenz Austria on Lake Constance

In Drawing 2 we were going to Portland Opera’s rendition of Tosca (http://www.portlandopera.org/),  in my 3-D design class we were talking about scale and how it relates to sculpture.  Those two concepts collided in gigantically marvelous images I found from an event every summer in Austria.

I had noticed in my DK Eyewitness Travel Book for Austria a very curious image last May.  It was what appeared to be a dining table and chairs partially sitting in a body of water.  On closer inspection I realized it was a stage set, making humans look Lilliputian!   What I was looking at was Seebühne, a floating opera stage, that is a part of the Bergenz Festival in the summer.  You may have seen their set for Tosca which was featured in a James Bond film:  Daniel Craig ran along scaffolding battling bad guys amidst a humongous eye.  Check out Bergenz’s incredible interpretations of  great operas,  there is a wonder-struck element to them indeed!   http://presse.bregenzerfestspiele.com/en/history-bf-20090000-0

la_bohème copy

Yes, those are people around the rim of the table of this set of La Bohéme! This was the set that introduced me to Seebühne. Click on the image to make it larger and scrutinize all the little folks running about.


Downright haunting, let me say they do a phenomenal job getting good shots of their productions as well. This set for A Masked Ball is just epic!

fidelio copy

A beautiful contrast in skies and a wonderful use of repetition makes this set for Fidelio quite a site.

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