Now you can buy those digital images Megan, and here are more!

“Conversation with a Bear” was drawn while out on the Oregon coast. To me it looks like a children’s book illustration.  I liked the idea of critters getting together for a conference of sorts.

More digital drawings have been appearing (let’s say I’ve been in a lot meetings) and I did some thinking and remembered that I have an account with Imagekind where I could post them for purchase.  After wrestling with my computer keys for two hours or so here, I uploaded the current digital images of the drawings there – so look there Megan, and you can purchase a print of “Saint Wheel” if you so desire!  Thanks for the comment.  Here’s the link:

“Nights of the Moon” was an interesting experiment in layering imagery and creating a conceptual narrative of sorts. The images in the back are moons, but observers of the work have also thought he’s in a wine cellar.  That works for me too…

Koodo and Quagga was drawn during a Craig Goodworth artist lecture. He and I both have an affinity for wildlife, but these two were on my mind prior to that evening. Let’s just say they are animals with a history.

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