John Bennett is at it again, and again…

So our photography teacher John Bennett is kind of a nut.  Well, and also a good friend (despite his belittling rancor about my lack of ability on the racquetball court).  His I-phone and specifically the camera on it is used often, very often.  Some time back he took my picture at a local Chinese joint (see it in the Camera Obscura category).  And since then he has used me as a subject often if we are out and about.  Here are recent iterations:

Taken at Agate Beach north of Newport this was shot while we were at our annual art retreat this past weekend. I kept needing to shut my eyes and then open just before he took the shot. I had no idea he caught those two figures behind me on the beach when he took it, and John always refuses to show me any photo he has taken till he is done with it.

The beard was a bit of a joke this summer, and hey I live in Portland, I can do such things. This was taken on an art walk the art faculty did in August.  We had to grab dinner before we began!

Taken at our local burger joint Jem 100, John went for a bird’s eye view.  Ice cream, it’s all about the ice cream.

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