Casting glass into fiber paper

In the last post, “Hold Steady” is a work that used cast glass in the bottom of the piece.  I took photos when I was doing the glass for that piece and thought I’d share the step by step process with you here.

Since I knew I’d have to heat up the whole kiln to do the one piece of glass for “Hold Steady” I thought I might as well make use of the heat in the glass kiln and do some other pieces with some scrap fiber paper that I found and glass around the studio.

I usually have some kind of drawing or image I am working from. I draw the image first on the fiber paper with a pen, and then cut it out with an exacto knife. Some times I may also trace an image onto the paper.

Here the fiber paper has been cut out in two layers and then placed on the kiln shelf. I often do a positive and a negative since I can use both parts of the paper, and that way I get two different versions of the image in glass.

Here's the fiber paper for the one that was used for "Hold Steady." The whole idea of making more started with me looking at the scraps from the piece and making the little bouquet on the right.

I fire two sheet of glass seperately in an earlier firing, and also have to fire the fiber paper once a head of time once it is in place in order to get the glue out of it (other wise it will fog up the glass).

Here the glass now has been melted into the molds. At this point then the fiber paper is cleaned out and the pieces washed. You can see on the left here the slightly green long piece of glass that was used in the bottom of "Hold Steady." What will come of these other pieces? We'll see.

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1 Response to Casting glass into fiber paper

  1. caperglass says:

    I didn’t realize you had to fire the fibre first. Good to know as some day this method is on my to do list

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