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historyofloveWanted to give you a shout here about a fiction novel I recently finished that I would recommend:

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss  A very nice, gentle read.  Although the book’s title personally would steer me away (a little mushy don’t you think?) I found the book a lovely portrait of the narrators whose multiple voices unfold the drama throughout the book.  “The History of Love” in the novel is a metaphor ridden book about a lost love: “Alma,” Both she and the book are driving elements in the Novel.

The character of Leo Gursky has to be one of my favorite as of late I’ve read  (the figure drawing class narrative is wonderful), and any one who knows me is aware that I like chaotic stories that end up in the end having a purpose in all of the mess.  This book very much met that need, and I’ll admit, made me cry.  Something real men do all the time… (thanks Austin for the recommend!)

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  1. lanette says:

    i love this book! i found it by happy accident and kept it to read again or to loan; she is a very talented author!

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