Entering Deep Water

This is a detail of a piece from 2000 I created called "Grounds for Boasting." About the Apostle Paul, this work refers to how he almost drowned. Ironically the model for this was Darren, the man who is the co-developer in creating this men's weekend we are creating entitled: "Deep Water."

It has been said that the most difficult journey for a man to make is the 16″ between his head to his heart.  I would covet your prayers this weekend as I and nineteen other men endeavor in that mysterious journey.

For the past twelve years I have staffed over thirty five weekends and lead five that do such work, but this weekend is different.  This one is in my home turf, and this one I helped create.  I am very much at ease with experiential weekends that work “outside the box.” I am very familiar with shadow work, emotional work and the like, but this is the first time I have had my hands in building such a retreat from the ground up.  With my co-developer Darren Cummings, two other facilitators Barry and Baxter, and three additional staff members,  we have been putting together for the past five months a weekend we have named “Deep Water” that integrates our faith in Christ and deep emotional work.

We have put together the following objectives for the weekend:

•    An opportunity for men to work through what’s currently blocking them
•    A sense of the sacred
•    A practical and real application of the truth of God
•    Play
•    The building up and nurturing of a local community
•    Focus upon the heart of a man
•    To know and be known
•    An opportunity for men to get in touch with their feelings
•    Entering the healing and whole-making presence of Christ
•    Belonging to a larger story and community of believers

If you’d keep us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend I’d appreciate it.  I have been to these locations of the heart before but every man, every weekend is different.   It is about surrendering to the Spirit, letting micracles happen, and being ready for surprises.

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3 Responses to Entering Deep Water

  1. CW says:

    Hey Tim,
    Blessings on you as you lead this weekend, and as you release it to the Spirit to lead us all. You have prepared really well, and now you can take a deep breath and just be present. I’m looking forward to being present as well! Peace, friend.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi Tim,

    Psalms 142
    Psalms 147

    God bless you all this weekend

  3. David says:


    not too bad, eh!?

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