Heidi Petersen at Beet Gallery


An Assemblage by Heidi Petersen

An beautiful lady I know currently has an exhibit up at the Beet Gallery in the North West district in Portland.  Don’t miss it.

I would characterize Heidi’s work as subtle, kind, and gentle in approach.  The pieces tend to whisper or hum rather than overtly shout their insights.  Heidi let’s the viewer enjoy materials for what they are, tin, wood, a doll, and yet with these simple things she makes insightful comments about the perils of being flesh and spirit.  She “resurrects” discarded and aged items into works that I find last in the minds eye.  Not an easy thing to do in our image saturated world.

Heidi’s website is:  http://www.heidipetersen.com/ and the gallery is:  http://www.beetgallery.com/

I have been friends with Heidi for many years.  We both attended Biola University, she several years after me; but we were each very much influenced and intrigued by a dear professor of ours Barry Krammes, who is an assemblage artist par-excellence. He rubbed off on both of us.

If you are in the Portland area get out to Heidi Petersen’s show.  It’s worth the drive and the Beet Gallery is a good little space as well, lots of intrigue in their back room as well.


Another Heidi Peterson work at the exhibtion.

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