Finding old friends: (Consistency and Hope)

Do you remember when slides, were… well, actual slides?  Pieces of transparent film sandwiched between two white crispy pieces of cardboard, or if you were willing to pay the expense, white plastic.

I’m slowly in the process of getting artwork that I did years ago that is simply in physical slide form into the electronic world.  Below are two recent imports of works into the digital age.


Hope Firmly Rooted, Watercolor on wooden panel with oil varnish, linen, found objects, brass, & wood, 32″x42″x2″, 1995.  I was playing at the time doing watercolor on a gessoed panel, and then placing an oil varnish over it. The painting then had the looks of a glazed painting. The only trick was not getting any water on the piece as you worked on it as it would almost obliterate the work you’ve done. The friend who posed for this was Paul Bridgeman the set designer for the theater program at the time at Grand Canyon University.


The Consistency of Grace, Watercolor on wooden panel with oil varnish, bronze, doll head, linen, toy rail road parts, wood, 39″x27″x3″ 1995 Collection of Billy Thrall, Phoenix Arizona.  Hard to believe these works are almost 20 years old, but this one particularly makes me smile as this dear friend Nancy who is in this painting is still very much a part of my life.  Why I just received a book from her for my birthday.  Perhaps the Consistency of Grace is the friendship that she has given me over the years! A blessing indeed.

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