Pairs of Company

So, I have been taking photos as of late and a little theme has begun to take shape.  I realize I’m often taking photos of relationships of one kind or another and they’ve turned into some nice little photos (with some post-production help on my part).  These are friends, relatives, colleagues and students, all good folks indeed in little moments of life.

Here are some of the images that have been snapped over the past couple of months.  I kind of like where this body of work going.   See what you think….

Cake (Abby and Brian)

“Cake” (Abby and Brian)

"Tuesday Lunch" (Ed and Corwynn)

“Tuesday Lunch” (Ed and Corwynn)

"Tummy" (Miranda and Joey)

“Tummy” (Miranda and Joey)

"Newport Breakfast" (Steve and Karen)

“Newport Breakfast” (Steve and Karen)

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