Men in the Night Sky

The Dragon and Man

“The Dragon and Man” for me in part was in part about stepping into ones fear and moving forward.

I found myself pondering constellations, and the idea of the “presence” of others in the sky or realities beyond what is seen.  And so, on my I-Pad I began drawing figures emerging out of the sky.  In being a part of a number of communities that do mens work, shadow work, psychodrama and the like  I have seen first hand that there is much behind the scenes and outside of our physical reality that is going on.  These image in part, were to try to embody what is not seen.

"Man with Stones" is about getting to a place where one is able to let things go that they have been carrying.

“Man with Stones” is about getting to a place where one is able to let things go, or when one gathers something to themselves.

"Falling Man on Wings" speaks of those times when

“Falling Man on Wings” speaks of those times when life is upside down, and yet we are some how held in a state of suspension and support.

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3 Responses to Men in the Night Sky

  1. Tim Hayes says:

    Absolutely love these, Tim! There is so much depth in each that touches the heart.

  2. jbeltran4 says:

    The use of constellations is a very interesting concept. What resonates to me is the fact that stars are balls of burning gas that perhaps no longer exist by the time we see them. To connect that idea to “realities beyond what is seen” is appropriate in that there is always more behind what we see. Very beautiful pieces!

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