The Joy of Nothing and then some….

Musician and songwriter Foy Vance

Musician and songwriter Foy Vance

Ah the joy of finding good music and musicians.

There is something refreshing about listening to a newly discovered artist, even if those who are wiser and with better taste have discovered these folks far earlier than I have….  This summer my buddy Thad introduced me to the artist Foy Vance (  All I had to hear was his song “Indiscriminate Act of Kindness” from his release “Hope” and I was hooked.  In one review from the Belfast Telegraph he is said to be, “The most important solo musician to emerge from Northern Ireland since Van Morrison.”

Ironically I have found no one has heard of him, yet it seems like he should have the same audience as say Mumford and Sons.  With a voice that belts out songs as if his life depends on it, his lyrics have a frank quality and are edged in what I can call nothing other than “faith,”  his album “Hope” and his newest “Joy of Nothing” are daily on my playlist.  Good music helps make a good day….

Below are two songs from his newest album.

Some of his lyrics as of late have been a mantra of sorts for me:

In the recitations of the parish poets

In the buildings, in the burrows, in the lochte boats

I will find my means to an end

With an open heart to hold and a closed hand, full of friends.

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