Summer Figures

I don’t think I’ve posted a number of the figures I was working on this summer, so thought I would do so here today with some brief explanations.


“Goodness” has been a piece I have been plugging away on for about nine months.  I began him and got sidetracked.  For a while I couldn’t figure out what to put in his hand, and decided I would have it as if he is holding a picture of himself when he was little.  The figure was initially standing, but to make him more stable I had him sit down.


Here’s a close up of his torso.  I found this bear bank and decided to use it as the base for the chest.   To make it stable and workable it was filled with foam.


“Release” really has been in the making for about three years.  I wanted to do a figure letting go of a burden, and this is how it all finally was manifest.


Within this figure I think you can see a bit of my roots in Arizona, and the fact that I collected Hopi Katchina’s as a kid.  I actually did the head on this twice, after being dissatisfied with the first go around.  The little boy on the trike that ended up being inside the figure occurred in the construction.  There was no such thing in the original sketches of the figure.

Purge was

“Purge,” well, you know, some times you just have to get things out that don’t belong.  I wanted the figure to have a movement to it, but also have a simplicity with being true to the items the figure was made out of.


The disk in his head to me is a partial halo (we’re all in process now aren’t we?), and I liked the idea that the figure himself is made out of an upturned cart.  Ah- at times the apple cart is upturned indeed.

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2 Responses to Summer Figures

  1. These are really wonderful Tim! I particularly like Release. How large are is it, are they?

    • abiggerworldyet says:

      Hey Brian I was bad about not putting measurements on there…. Here they be: Release: 22″x12″x13, Purge: 7″x8″x22″, and Goodness: 21″x12″21″

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