The amazing example of Jean Vanier


Jean Vaneir reading to a resident at a L’Arche community.

May I highly recommend the podcast:

The Wisdom of Tenderness: Jean Vanier on Lived Compassion, L’Arche, and Becoming Human

on Krista Tippit’s program “On Being”

It is so worth the listen.  Jean Vanier is a man of rare wisdom who gives me such hope for this world.  When speaking of L’Arche a series of communities across nations where disabled and non-disabled people live in together that he began, he comments, “L’Arche is not based on ideas, it is based on bodies, suffering bodies.”  The groundedness and humanity of faith that is found within his life and reflections I found refreshing and humbling.

Krista Tippit comments that when she came to L’Arche she had never been hugged so much.  Vanier comments that their community is in a sense knit together in safe touch, “…A touch that gives security and reveals, touch that is not sexualized or aggressive, it is human.”  How our communities, neighborhoods, and churches are dying for such touch indeed.

Give the podcast a listen.  When Jean Vanier at one points speaks of God and how he made Himself vulnerable when he choose to love us- wow, he gave me thoughts to work through for a while here.  Wonderful stuff.

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