Joel (the final version)

Joel (the final version)

I have posted John Bennett photos that he has taken of me while we are out an about on earlier posts (the category Camera Obscura is where you will find them). But alas… now here you can see what I’ve been up to.

Please welcome me into the 21st century as I have finally gotten a smart phone.  I asked John what app to use for adjusting photos on it.  He recommended “Snapseed”– can I say I have had a very good time with this little free app?  I am amazed how with it you can make a bad photo a good photo, and they have fun retro filters, that you can use as is or adjust.  It’s a blast, and well, darn artistic.  Give it a try…. come on… I know you have a phone. Check out on this post the results I’m getting.

Joel (the original photo)

Joel (the original photo)

Rachel (finished version)

Rachel (finished version)

Rachel (original photo)

Rachel (original photo)

Karen (after...)

Karen (after…)

Karen (before...)

Karen (before…)


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