Bellevue: Fair

BelOneSo carted the following items up to the Bellevue Art Festival two weeks ago:  3 shadow boxes, 3 watercolor on claybord with assemblage, 4 cast bronze sculptures, 6 assemblage sculptural figures, 7 framed oil paintings, 8 oil paintings with assemblage, 10 framed mixed-media monoprints, 21 digital images on bamboo panels, 34 framed 6″x6″ oil paintings & 5″x7″ watercolor gouache pieces, one canopy set up, a set of mesh walls, two carpets, 6 pedestals, padding, bubble wrap, blankets, packing peanuts, a chair, a side table, canopy weights, labels, signage, 3 kinds of glue and tools to fix anything.

The show this year was financially a loss, but I had a great time getting to know the other artists and specifcially jewelers in my area.  An art fair is hard work! Not only is their a booth fee (this one was $700), there is the set up, take down, 26 hours you man your booth (for three days straight),  then there is risk when packing and moving artwork from one place to another.  A number of artists even have to stay in hotels (luckily I have kind friends in the area).  This year four pieces of mine got damaged.  The safest place for a piece of artwork is a wall!

Just keep all this in mind next time your walking through an art festival or fair that has been put up for you to enjoy.  Buying some work sure would do the artists good, it’s costing them a lot to get their artwork out to you in the first place!

Why here I am in the booth.  Why the hat?

Why here I am in the booth. Why the hat? Never wear sunglasses if you an artist selling at an art fair.  You want to make eye contact with your people!

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