“New and Improved!” (and an excuse to post a cute picture)

Yes, after three years there has been a change.  I’ve revamped my website and it’s now in a format that I’ll be making updates and adding new art to it regularly.  Some new things I threw in there are views of the work in shows, and also images of art in process and the studio.  Check it out:  http://timtimmerman.com/

So my niece is saying to you "Hey check out my uncle's website because he makes really interesting stuff."

My niece is saying to you, “Hey, lookie at my uncle’s website because he makes stuff.” Well, maybe that’s what she’s saying, when she was this age unless you were her mother it was anyone’s guess.

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Visual Artist Brother Sojourner College Professor Christ follower
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1 Response to “New and Improved!” (and an excuse to post a cute picture)

  1. rebeca says:

    She is a cutie!
    ps: your art work is not bad either. . . . glad to see / hear that you will be posting regularly.

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