The Knoxville-Rothenburg Sketchbook #10: Scarcity vs Abundance

So some dear friends invited me to a self-help weekend.  It was very lecture heavy, uncomfortably in a hotel conference, and was, well, I would say “tricky,” but there was some good principles that they reminded me of.  The man droned on with books and CDs you could purchase staring back at you from the table behind him.

My comfort was my sketchbook, so I took notes in the hours we sat, and also embraced it as a time to sketch.  Here is one of the sketches I did admits the flurry of notes.  Maybe you’ll find something of interest.


Perhaps I was drawing a lion quietly sitting behind a plant and series of objects, because I felt like I was holding back and just patiently waiting for our time to end.  This was drawn on Sunday, which was the last day of the event.  Drawing was a way of drumming my fingers on a table…..

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1 Response to The Knoxville-Rothenburg Sketchbook #10: Scarcity vs Abundance

  1. My sketch book is often a comfort for me too. So are napkins. Actually almost any paper available to draw on is a comfort!

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