Marco Brambilla is not a lousy video artist.

The bar doesn’t seem too high in some art in museums out there.  And having taught “Contemporary Art Forms” at the university level for over 12 years now, it’s amazing the volume of bad contemporary art you can find, and with a video it’s worse, you have to sit through it.

My friend and artist Dan Callis and I were visiting Bergamot station in Santa Monica about a year ago and happened into the Santa Monica Museum of art there:    There they were having an exhibit of the video artist Marco Brambilla.  Dan and I literally turned around to leave so as not to pay the entrance fee when the man at the gallery told us he would return our money if we didn’t like it.  The show was wonderful and engaging, and as eye candy-esque some of the work was, there clearly was thought behind all that we were seeing.  Here was one video artist worth taking time for.  After viewing the work, my students in my current class felt the same.

What’s engaging about his works like Civilization, and Evolution (which each took up an entire wall and that we watched through 3-d glasses) is that they reference both popular culture and great painters like Hieronymus Bosch.  Although I will admit I’m not sure about Brambilla doing a video recently for Kanye West, but I guess artists even have to pay the bills.  Regardless, MOST of his work IS smart as it taps into our day and age in a very unique way.

Below is a more recent video working with the Formula One drivers point of view.

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