Stations of the Cross by Father Bill Moore

A view of some of the stations. A VERY unique quality of Fr. Bill’s paintings is the texture, and his desire for the viewers to touch them. He informed us that in doing so you bless the piece and the work blesses you.  The students loved that quality of the work, and I have to admit that it was quite a site at the opening watching all the paintings being stroked.  I have never seen any thing quite like it in a gallery.

We had the pleasure of having Southern California artist and priest, Father Bill Moore exhibit with us at George Fox University this past month.  For the exhibit he choose to bring a series of paintings he did on the stations of the cross.  It was a lovely exhibit.  He brought to the students the a testimony of a man whose art work is their spiritual discipline.  Check out more of Fr. Bill’s work on his website:

Another gallery view.  One of the unique qualities of his vocation is that Fr. Bill’s calling now is to make art in his studio which he does 8hrs a day or more.  All proceeds from sales of his work, directly goes back to his religious order.  That all sounds pretty wonderful to me.

We had a special little space in the gallery that had a whole series of his smaller paintings. I liked to think of it as a smaller chapel of sorts within the larger space.

A view of the first four stations installed.

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