Continuing to draw digitally

“Cover” this drawing was done while on a plane to Indiana. I enjoyed zooming in and drawing with the black very complex little images.

The adventures of working on the I-Pad with the program Sketchbook Pro have continued.  Through experimenting I am coming to terms with what tools on the program work best for me.  I also find it very meditative, or shall I even say even prayerful when working on some of these.  Some things are best communicated without words.

“Beginnings” was drawn on the plane home to Oregon during that same trip. Can you tell I was in a different space than when going? Also, I clearly see a reference to William Blake’s “Ancient of Days” in this one.

“Saint Wheel” was begun in an all day meeting at George Fox and finished at some other spare moments. I was in Vienna this May, and think a little Gustave Klimt rubbed off on me on this one, don’t you think?

So, students are always getting married in the summer, and I like them giving them art, and debated how best I could give them perhaps one of these images in a professional gallery ready manner.  I finally decided to work with a Portland company called Plywerk:

So here the digital images are mounted on plywerk panels. They did a nice job, although next time I’m going to pay the extra amount to get them matte (or their fine art option), the standard photo shine was nice but didn’t quite work for non photographic imagery in my assessment, although they did look good!

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3 Responses to Continuing to draw digitally

  1. Brian Fisher says:

    Tim, These are wonderful. I particularly like “Cover’. You inspire me!

  2. Megan Clark says:

    These are awesome! Saint Wheel’s my favorite. Let us know if you ever post these for sale anywhere.

  3. Kathy says:

    Nice pieces, Tim. Always fun to see the latest and greatest.

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