Hey, there is something on your head…

So, back to the art here… I thought I’d show you a few more of the small paintings that I cranked out this summer.  One thought I was playing on is what if what was going on in your head appeared on top of it?  Here are some more of my musings:

“Hans” was based on a sculpture I made that is part of a larger piece I did several years back called “The Whole Night Sky.”   I thought he needed a silver lamb or sorts on his head.  Don’t ask me why.

“Traveler” – it’s all about the journey, eh?  We’re going somewhere….

I named this piece “Richard” after my Uncle who I feel has been a very productive person in his life.

I was playing in part with the idea of flowers growing out of ones head like antlers, and based the figure off of a small metal statue that I have.  It was fun with all of these to be a bit more “painterly” in my approach.

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1 Response to Hey, there is something on your head…

  1. Megan Clark says:

    Flower Head is my favorite!

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