Salem Art Festival, fine indeed.

Here’s what the booth looked like as you passed by. It’s interesting how viewers will stand back a bit like looking over a house before they decide to enter.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to drop by the booth in Salem.  The show went swimmingly although I’ll confess that I personally had a wonderful time purchasing art from other artists.  So much for keeping the money I made.  We all have to support the arts now don’t we.

Here’s the “Starting Here” piece with a number of the newer paintings.

Salem is a fairly conservative town, so I did receive some comments like, “I’ve never seen anything like this!” Education is a good thing, although at the fair I had a copy with me of Sculpture magazine and Art News that I was glancing at between talking with folks.  I was struck at how very tame my work is compared to artists that are getting air time in major museums.  Due to a large piece that I put central to the space called “Starting Here” I received plenty of pumpkin, tin man and wizard of oz references from folks, I just hope that the scarecrow and Toto link into the bigger archetypes I’m trying to reference with the work, well then there are the medieval references, and nods to the Dutch Baroque vanitas, Bruegel, Arcimboldo, Rouault, Hals etc… but who’s checking?  My work is a dance between concept and method, and some that come to the fair may just be looking for good technique to put on their walls, ah mine is that and so much more….

There were plenty of folks who “got it” I was struck when one woman stepped into my tent and simply said “Dark night of the soul,”  when she looked at a piece of mine entitled “Plea” where a figure is on the ground as a tornado approaches.  I replied, “I’ve read it, John of the Cross.”

The longer mixed media monoprints were hiding around the corner.

Other comments included:  “Here is where the Wizard of Oz comes together….”  “Oh my gosh have you ever seen the movie Wall-E?” From a kind fellow artist he commented, “At $90 each these paintings should be flying off the wall!” and from a 5 year old boy, “I like the funny guys. We’re going to get ice cream!”

Why don’t we all get ice cream right now….

Here are the “Little Ones” on the back wall. They were a big hit- I think they’re going to be a regular at shows now. (Click so you can get a better view of all the little guys.)

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