Working on “The Studies”

Ah, here are some of the 6″x6″ paintings not framed.  Some build from ideas like:  “What if who we are manifests itself as plants growing out of our head?  What would that look like?”

So mark your calendars.  I’m going to be at the Salem Art Festival July 20-22

As of late to loosen my painting bones I have given myself the assignment of doing forty paintings.  My sketchbook is chocked full of images and ideas I’ve laid out this last school year that have been left uncreated.  And so, it seemed only appropriate to give myself a series of small paintings to crank out.  -Why then they’ll be smaller affordable works for those visiting the Salem Art Festival in July!  They’re coming along and come across as funny, quirky, thoughtful and absurd.  They seem to reference a gambit of artists from Arcimboldo, to Georgeus Roualt, and medieval misericords and green man, as well as pop art.  So, there you go.

Keep your eyes open here, as I will post better images of these when I “seriously” begin photographing them.

Well- back to work!

Others of these were playing with the idea of “What if our ideas manifested themselves on the top of our head and people could see them?” (Perhaps some would not want what is on their mind to be seen by others huh?)

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1 Response to Working on “The Studies”

  1. Kathy Farmer says:

    Hi Tim, it’s always fun to see what new pieces you have created! I’m sorry to miss the art festival…will be out of town visiting relatives for several weeks. If my ideas were manifested out of my head…..? Hmmmmmmmm….anything from gorillas to roses to space craft I imagine! God bless on all your latest!

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